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The Great Reevaluation: How Remote Work And Digital Nomads Are Reshaping The Future Of Work

As the world continues to adjust to the new normal, many companies and workers are rethinking the traditional 9-5 office work model. As telecommuting becomes more prevalent among companies looking to improve employee retention, many workers are adopting a new lifestyle—the digital nomad. Read Forbes magazine's view.
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Artificial Intelligence and the orchestrated customer experience

Global Customer Experience Excellence 2023-24 published by KPMG where an rtificial Intelligence (AI) is opening up new and profound possibilities for organizations to deeply personalize the customer experience like never before.
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Ask these questions to design the people model and culture of your organization

Reimagine your approach to 10 timeless people choices to compete for talent, improve organizational culture and health, and more by McKinsey & Company
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Deloitte’s 15th annual Tech Trends

Deloitte’s 15th annual Tech Trends report helps business and technology leaders separate signal from noise and embrace technology’s evolution as a tool to revolutionize business
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The Guardian: What to consider if you want to work abroad

Whether you’ve just graduated and you’re looking to explore a different part of the world, or you’ve been in the same industry for years and want a new challenge overseas, there are plenty of jobs for you to discover
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