Global Career Market

About us

We are passionate HR professionals who would like to help people to find job opportunities more easily in their desired destination. Likewise, we assist companies in attracting the right people around the globe.

We understand that human capital is the key to the success of any business in a global marketplace. One of the most significant dimensions of the current wave of globalization is the mobility of top talents. Companies now have the ability to access new resources of human capital across the globe that may influence their future strategy, direction and structure. The availability of a global pool of high-profile professionals also presents new challenges for companies as well as for staff who are open to relocation.

We are here ready to help with these international challenges.

The Globalcareermarket portal has been created with the purpose:

  • to support international mobility
  • to promote the country´s top employers
  • to help people with easy navigation to see what is available on the market
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